Why do Newfies Drool?

During this summer the “high” was right above us. The temperatures were soaring into the high 90’s and low 100’s, with flies abundant and our dogs were drooling up a storm.

It’s not as though we’re not familiar to the occasional slobber from the dogs but man this was something else. Newfoundlands are re-known for drooling when they get hot, first they will make a beeline for the nearest bucket of water or water bowl and immerse their whole muzzle into the bowl slurping away at the water. We’re not talking about small water bowls, these are the biggest you can buy. I would just use a bucket all the time, but what happens with the constant dunking? Their chest starts smelling like an OLD DISH CLOTH.

Expect plenty of drool as a Newfoundland dog owner.

After five minutes of drinking, look out, drool is hanging from their jowls. SHAKE, you’ll better duck because it’s coming your way and it’s by no means small. SPLAT, it lands inches from your feet. You may have missed the “BIG ONE” but you can’t escape the small stuff.

OK I’m thinking this is getting out of hand, they’re panting like a locomotive. “It’s time for a trim!” I exclaim. If the excess fur is removed, maybe that will ease their discomfort from the heat. Out come the barbers electric shears and 3″ of fur is taken off, enough to fill up a garbage bag. “That’s a lot of fur” you may ask. YES! And this is a lot of dog. Well, my wife is a good sport and she sheared those puppies in under an hour.

OK, now it’s my turn, flip-flops and speedos are the attire of the day. Let’s get them washed. One dog, one hour, that’s what it takes to give him a thorough shampoo and blow dry. Drying’s a breeze with our Challengair 2000 Animal Dryer by Double K Industries. It’s never let us down over the past twelve years and it’s still going strong. The animals are relaxed, the panting has gone, the calm has returned to the Sunday.

Now I’m hot, it’s my time to relax, time to crack open that beer!!

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