Pet Radio is a Howwlll!!

Are you frequently kept awake by the chorus of the local dogs howling? Sure, it always starts up just as your beginning to fall asleep. Then maybe it’s time to point those neighbors in the direction of the latest in radio, This station prides itself in giving a distinct animal theme to its playlist so that your lonely pet can reduce its anxiety while you, the owner, are away.

The catch is, it’s only an internet radio station, that means you will have to spring for a desktop or laptop computer, broadband connection and speakers. It broadcasts live for 17 hours a day and podcasts for the rest.

Well, does it work, you may ask. Apparently the owner, Adrian Martinez, who is also the president of Marusa Records, found that music soothed his restless cat, Snickers, which prompted him to launch this station so that he could do something for the “pet community.” It’s obviously been a hit by the response it’s received, during the first week 130000 tuned in crashing the server, now it enjoys a loyal following of 8000 a week and emails from around the world.

Now restless heads, sooth yourself to sleep with Elvis’s Hound Dog!!!

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