Senior Citizens in Dog Years

Have you ever considered how old a dog is when he or she reaches the age of ten or above? Let’s talk a little about our Newfoundland Dogs.

Our two Newfoundland Dogs are both well over the age of ten and as dog people well know, the bigger the breed the shorter the life span. We have been fortunate in having a couple of animals that have truly amazed us in their longevity. We have always provided them with the best food available on the market such as WELLNESS. This is a human grade product and it is obvious that they have thrived on it. It is made up of de-boned chicken, Atlantic whitefish, fruit and vegetables, healthy grains and vitamins and minerals.

Gray Newfoundland and Black and White(Landseer)Newfoundland relaxing at the local wildlife area.

During their early years we spent quite a considerable amount of money in training them to become obedient and it paid off but sometimes I think it would have been more fun for us in doing the training with some guidance. There are numerous good quality products on the market now such as Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer. This is a product that you can use numerous times during your pet ownership years. It is an easy step by step guide that you can follow and make adjustments that suit your own circumstances in the setting of your own backyard.

Having said that, our animals have done their tour of duty in their early years at the Pet Expo in Southern California with first class conduct. Needless to say they had to disregard the rules and lay out in the isle where the visitors were instead of the cubicle. Here they had maximum exposure and PETTING from all children at hand causing a major bottleneck!!!

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