Surfboard Aftermath

Since the announcement of Clark Foam closure, the surfing world has been sent into panic with bulk buying of surfboards with the Clark floatation core. Prices have increased by 20 percent and some surf shops are limiting customers to a one board purchase only. Professional surfers are now going easy on their own personal boards to ensure that their livelihood doesn’t suddenly come to an abrupt end. Surf shops are enjoying the sudden surge of buying at a premium price but once the stock is gone, what’s next.

Who will take up the slack you may well ask with this humongous void being left to be filled. Maybe it will be Walker Foam, a long time competitor and now possibly the leading maker to fill Clark’s boots. Other possible candidates are Just Foam of San Clemente and Maxi Wetland of South Africa, who ever it is, they have some mighty big shoes to fill.

Either way, there is a big lesson to be learnt here, never put all your eggs in one basket, you never know what’s around the corner.

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