Pleasant Surprise!

Well what a turn up for the books, my youngest son from my previous marriage e-mailed me to say that he had got married to his long term girlfriend. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet but by all accounts she appears to be just what he needs to keep him stable in this uncertain world.

He moved out of his mothers home over a year ago to live at his now mother-in-law’s house. The issues that he had with his mother have not been disclosed to me but I can only guess. I know what sort of turmoil you go through as a young man, I’m sure most do, it’s part of the growing up process. Even so, being able to afford a place of your own in the UK is a tough call especially when a reasonable paying job is hard to find.

His latest venture is creating his own designs on a software called Bryce 5, like I said to him practice makes perfect. As in anything that you do, you have to work at a skill to perfect it then you become an asset. Today’s employment market is so competitive that unless you have a unique quality it is easy to be lumped with the rest. To have an edge is always going to put you in the forefront of any employment list. All I can hope is that he uses his “street smart” qualities together with the ability to learn new skills to set himself apart, only time will tell.

In the mean time his new adventure in marriage will provide the impetus to do well.

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