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I subscribe to a business blog called “Entrepreneur’s Journey” by Yaro Starak an Australian entrepreneur who’s latest point is only too true. As a small business or individual trying to make your mark in the world of big guns the best way to promote, is to promote yourself. Instead of using the big corporation line of talk such as “we” or “us” you should refer to your business as “my” or if an individual “I”

It is the perceived value of being bigger than you really are that sets people in this mode of thinking, especially when you are just starting out. In this day and age everyone wants to run before they can walk, you have to lay the foundation to build something great. The fast buck is not necessary for the long haul, a quality relationship with your customer base is the most important.

Yaro’s article “Small business branding-It’s not “we” it’s “me” outlines in essence every small business owner’s predicament on how you should market yourself, a face to the product will always give it a personal touch.

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