Happy New year

Here we are at the beginning of another year and of course we should set ourselves some sort of New Years resolution. Ideally I would like to begin by improving the amount of posts that I make during this year, not meaningless posts but posts of substance that may be viewed more than once by people such as yourselves who may be reading this article right now.

Even though this blog covers pretty much any subject that I feel is important to me I still want to revolve it around the making of Welsh Lovespoons and the tools and materials required to produce a unique product. I would also like to progress my website Clay, Application to Refinement to the next level which would be the start of the 1/5 scale model that has been pending for the last eighteen months. This may be a tall order with a couple of children under the age of five, still obviously craving for attention none stop, but I will have to dig in and get to it.

Next, to complement the website I will be tying in a blog called Metamorphosis. Here I will be posing questions with regards to clay modeling and hopefully students who are pursuing their design degrees will find the information constructive. The intent is to provide a means of useful dialog to solve the many issues in the construction and modeling of scale and full size models.

Well, I guess that’s a tall wish list for me for this year so the late nights will start once again.

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