Postage Increases on Sunday!

If you still tend to send your bills by mail like I do, don’t forget, Sunday 8th January 2006, the rate will increase by 2 cents to 39 cents for first class mail. For every ounce after that it will be an additional 24 cents.

When you think about it, it’s still a great deal, when you can send a letter from California to New York for 39 cents! I’m sure there will be the usual moaning about the increase but this is the first since 2002. Profit must have slowed down especially with the energy prices going through the roof. You still have to transport the mail somehow.

If you are sending mail Internationally as I do, the rate is also affected on Sunday so be sure to check the rates out. My airmail cost to the UK has gone from 80 cents to 84 cents for the first ounce so several sheets of 2 cent stamps are going to fill the void until I get the new airmail and first class stamps.

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