Monday saw the unveiling of the Camaro Concept at the North America International Automotive Show in Detroit with its sister vehicle being shown at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show moments later. This vehicle takes its cues from the ’69’ Camaro but with a modern interpretation giving it a fresh look without being too retro. This is purely a market reaction exercise for GM with no firm commitment as to when a production version would be ready.

For the loyalists this was a bitter sweet moment after the demise of their beloved vehicle during the 2002 model year when it was announced that the Camaro would cease production due to deminishing sales leaving the Mustang with the majority of the pie.

During the Camaro’s absence a new rendition of the Mustang has seen sales approach 200,000 units leaving the ‘General’ with no answer to the latest pony car craze. Even with today’s technology the earliest producible vehicle would be set as a 2009 production car and that would be with the green light button being pushed NOW! The overwhelming success of the concept will undoubtedly put pressure on upper management to announce an early go ahead.

Is the sleeping giant starting to smell the roses once again we ask ourselves? With the relentless onslaught from major Asian and European auto manufacturers eating away at market share and Toyota pushing for the number one spot, now is the time to fire up on all cylinders and be bold. 2006 will see a whole slew of new vehicles come to market, essentially trucks with power on demand and best in class fuel economy.

The one thing going for the American Auto Industry is, it has heritage. Use that knowledge and put it to its best use, DO NOT DILUTE. As in all walks of life, the first idea tends to be the strongest and the boldest. Pouring out your heart gives soul to the creation. Use that to move forward, before the flame dies.

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