Camaro Wins EyesOn Design Award

After the stunning debut of the Camaro Concept at the NAIAS, the General Motors Icon improves it’s presence by winning one of the EyesOn Design awards for best concept implementation. These award are judged solely by designers and the chief judge this year was Tom Gale who knows plenty when it comes to design, after all he was the head of Chrysler Design when the stunning Dodge Viper and Prowler made their debut. Now if that isn’t enough to persuade ‘The General’ to go forth with haste to productionize this baby then maybe things are more desperate than is being publicized.

With initial gains on the stock market on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday it was back to its same old routine with the stock falling again. This can only be related to the blast by Kirk Kerkorian’s aide Jerome York stating that General Motors needs to be more pro-active and cut deeper by cutting wages at every level starting at the boardroom floor, certainly making the punters on wall street jittery.

Now, that may well be true but to ensure the road to recovery every effort should be placed on product. Only strong desirable vehicles will stir the public into buying, pour more money into product development, create fresh undiluted designs to capture everyones eye, from babies to retirees, then the road to recovery will be open. If there is nothing to lose, then let’s start with the Camaro!

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