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Over on Darren Rowse’s Problogger Blog a new “Community Writing Project” kicks off this week with the subject matter being “Developing Goals for your Blog“. This innovative idea brings the world of Pro-blogger and amateur blogger head to head with undoubtedly the novice blogger having the most to gain through quality readership.

This unselfish and caring attitude towards his readership only cements his place at the top of his profession and at the same time gaining additional converts to his own blog on how to make money via blogging.

OK, so let’s try and put my efforts into some sort of prospective.

  • My number one priority is to try and gain some momentum in posting on a regular basis. As everyone knows, time is an important commodity and one that I have very little of. A hectic work schedule controlling ten hours a day plus the worst commute ever. I will have to purchase a small recorder for listing the many thoughts that I have during my commute during LA’s rush hour and put the two hours each way to good use.
  • Reduce the amount of outstanding projects that I take on so that I’m not spread so thin. This I guess is in the form of running my website Clay, Application to Refinement and my two main Blogs, Resurrecting the Wood and Metamorphosis. This coupled with family time and maintaining the property all leads to one tired boy! One must get the perspective right, family time is paramount.
  • Develop a different face to the generic template that I now show on my blogs, an identity is important to me in this business.
  • Analyze the content of my blogs, is it too specialized to draw in traffic of any significance, even though the subject matter is one that I have plenty of knowledge on.
  • Continue with unique and quaility posts on my chosen subjects

Once I have control of the these five situations, hopefully the readership will increase because of the authoritative posts leading to better SEO.

7 thoughts on “Sustaining Quality Readership

  1. Yes, one needs a goal for blogging. Some people may write blogs for fun others for business. But whatever the goal is one should not deviate from that. When you have a definite goal for blogging it becomes easy to write about things. You know what to write and how to write and where to find it.

  2. “Analyze the content of my blogs, is it too specialized to draw in traffic of any significance..” here is a tool you can use for that It is a way to see what your customers are typing into search engines to get to your niche.

    Your clay site seems like it is an incredible niche.

  3. Razib, you are absolutely right. I am trying to keep within my field of expertise and only deviate for freshness. That way I do know what I am talking about and yes it does become easier to write about that given subject.

    This incredible niche, referring to my claysculptors site, as elamb puts it, is very remote when I think in terms of Automotive Clay Sculptors but some of the methodology could be used in other art forms. Elamb thank you for that neat little web tool, it will indeed help in attaining a correct balance of search friendly words.

  4. You’ve started in the right place, I think, by getting the niche defined and knowing where you want to be. The world is getting smaller and more specialized. You can build your design as your build your readership . . . Rick is right, pull in a WordPress theme you like and take your time making it your own. :)

    I read more than this. I enjoyed all of them.

  5. One very wise advice just grabbed my eyes. Reducing the amount of outstanding projects is exactly what bloggers should do. It is just too easy to get greedy. “One more niche and Im done”, we say.

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