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With last weeks “Developing Goals for your Blog” now finished at Problogger, it’s time to consider what has been most beneficial to me for my growth in the world of blogging. I can say that I’ve spent many an hour browsing over all the fine entries and reading further into quite a few of the websites. The vast array of topics, ideas and general information will undoubtedly send your mind into total overload therefore it calls for me to make frequent revisits for the information to actually sink in.

Looking at my meek attempt at blogging goals is quite mundane compared to a lot of the entries but that is what is so fascinating, there is so much to learn. Surprisingly though my goals are not that far removed from quite a few of the other postings.

One of my favorite postings was by Yehuda and how the relationship between blogging and board games overlap, both require social interaction, players, an audience. With each game played a certain strategy or tactic applies for a winning combination, as in posting an informative and intelligent article. The winner gaining the right to be called champion or in the case of the blog post, additional traffic which may lead to an increase in income.

Razib Ahmed’s blog on South Asia Business News is a phenomenal site considering the amount of time it has actually been in existence. This proves that persistence will pay off, by setting a regimented schedule of new posts and comments on other peoples blogs it will return a fair percentage of links, gaining even more popularity.

Undoubtedly Darren Rowse’s blog, Digital Photography School is yet another outstanding source of information for the aspiring digital photographer. His experience learnt over the years boosts the readership from day one and one can only hope to gain a fraction of that momentum. It is here that I try and gain that much needed information in technique so that I can apply that same sort of success to my own blogs.

So, what have I learnt from this exercise.

  • Post informative and engaging articles.
  • Up the frequency of the posts.
  • Be persistent even if there are no comments.
  • Have an active role in other people’s blogs.
  • Lastly, just be myself, create my own unique niche in the blogosphere.

One thought on “The Influential Top Blogs

  1. Steve,

    I’m glad you liked it. The exercize was great for me, as it sparked a whole lot of thinking about my own relationship to board games, computer games, and blogging. Aside from the personal benefit that implies, it generated a whole lot of blog posts!


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