Clark Foam is Still Available!!

Much to the surfing world’s dismay Clark Foam shut its door for good last December without the real story ever surfacing. Gordon Clark the owner, just said it was environmental issues coupled with labor and safety code regulations.

Now those people who were employees or extremely close friends of the company, they had the distinction of wearing the Clark Foam T-shirts, unavailable to the rest of the world making them very exclusive. Today we find that these rights have been gained by a Capistrano Beach, long time surfing entrepreneur Allan Seymore.

This famed blue and white T-shirt worn by the few is now being made available through retail surfing stores only. For those in the know this represents the end of an era, an icon from the past. Still, the exclusivity of the shirt is with the surfing community with no intention of it being available outside your local surf shop. Like I said Clark Foam is still available be it only as a T-shirt!!!

3 thoughts on “Clark Foam is Still Available!!

  1. Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog. From time to time, I come to visit your blog to see if there is any update. I love your writing but I would like it more if you updated your blog a bit more frquently.

  2. Razib you are absolutely correct and yes I need to be more frequent with my postings. Time is a valuable commodity and one I have very little of right now. Hopefully the few readers that do visit my site will continue to come back until I can dedicate more time. Once again thank you for you candid reply.

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