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Darren Rowse of latest group writing project has stimulated both seasoned blogger and novice blogger to delve into the heart of the matter and question “What if I had to start my blog over again.” Now this very question will place doubt in the most seasoned veteran because the very existence of our blog is being questioned. Is it the right subject, the right niche, do people find the content amusing or educational. Is the design appealing or down right boring. These many questions are racing through my mind/our minds when several days ago this was not even an issue, well not in a sense where it was at the forefront of any current discussion.

My own efforts as a blogger have diminished as of late with my main occupation absorbing all free time in working and traveling so my number one factor would be to ensure that the design of the template was completed before posting. The generic template will suffice and I know there are hundreds available online but for my own needs, I want to be different.

  • Design template first, before the first post.

At the beginning I had several Blogger Blogspot Blogs thinking that I would only be interested in posting on a temporary basis and as it was free I had nothing to lose. I already had a website Clay, Application to Refinement under its own domain name and thought the additional annual cost would not be justified. The additional work of posting to a blog regularly would be too much especially with the development of my main website but to be truthful I enjoy blogging when I have time, so the answer is, don’t be cheap get a bona fide domain name not a you.typepad, you.wordpress or you.blogspot. I mean a, .net, or .whatever then it belongs to you.

  • Start with the right domain name.

I’m sure there are numerous other flaws that I need to address but in general I am happy with the particular subjects that I talk about, posting on a regular basis will come in time and it’s not something that I’m going to stress over with right now. Reading other peoples blogs and learning from their experience will only strenghten my own resolve, after all this is a long term commitment.

6 thoughts on “Discovering More Time

  1. Hey Steve, you crack me up on this ….

    “don’t be cheap get a bona fide domain name not a you.typepad, you.wordpress or you.blogspot. I mean a, .net, or .whatever then it belongs to you.”

    And thanks for dropping by my blog, and do drop by often. I promise my pooches (small dogs, big attitude) will behave when your LARGE dogs visit us.

    Cheers =p

  2. I still ahve the free blogspot blog and every time I turn around people are telling me to get my own domain name.
    It looks like a domain name and hositng are next on my list of “to do” items.
    Thanks for the shove in the right direction!

  3. Steve,

    Sometimes being generic is very different. I know a lot of people, including myself, looking for a way to stand out, and most of the time it’s through some type of template. But as I have been reading blogs associated with the group writing project, I realized that I read most blogs through RSS, and never even see the site.

    So, do what ever you like. Push people to read via RSS then the site layout is irrelevant. However, if you’re trying to generate revenue, then driving them to the site is necessary.

    Have a great day and nice blog.

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