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The lead up to this years Thanksgiving has been more than busy, my primary job has been eating up every available hour leaving no time to test out my new purchase of Flexcut™ carving tools. The one thing that I did get around to doing was to purchase via the website a selection of other blades that would compliment the original set. In doing this I was curious as to the service that I would receive, as in viewing the premises online, it appeared to be only a small concern.

Navigating the site was easy enough and only required an email address and password to continue with the ordering. The online catalog had a vast selection of available blades together with Mallet tools, Palm tools and Power handle sets. The Palm tools and Power handle tools all have the same available blades as the quick connect handle making it the buyers choice as to the type of carving tool purchased. As you well know I’m going for the quick connect blades to save room and weight.

The Mallet tools in contrast to the quick connect handle blades are more robust in design, designed primarily for larger projects and denser hardwoods. The blades still have the familiar look but are larger in size. The handles come with a brass ferrule and a sturdier ash handle giving an overall length of ten inches showing you that it has “work horse” written all over it. The one thing that stuck me about this website is that it doesn’t deviate away from the primary reason of visiting it. The tools are all Flexcut™ together with all the necessary equipment needed to keep them in good shape.

With the quick connect blades, Flexcut™ has a universal adapter that will transform my standard blades for use with their power carver, if at a later date I want to take on a larger project. This I find really useful because I won’t have to purchase a different configuration for that purpose, i.e. Palm tools, Power Handle tools or Mallet tools.

OK, let me go over the extra blades that I think will round out the existing carving set, making it a more complete travelling companion. The main emphasis was on flatter gouges to enable better control of carving out the spoon with minimal ridges. I also felt that a left and right hand swept angle would be useful in the harder to reach areas especially when carving vines and scrolls. I also made sure that I ordered the Flexcut SlipStrop™ plus the Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound™ and just to round it out an additional quick connect handle.

Here is the list of extras.

  • Flexcut SlipStrop
  • Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound
  • Quick Connect ABS Handle
  • Skew Gouges, #3 sweep, 9/16″(14 mm) Right Hand, #3 9/16″(14 mm) Left Hand
  • Single Bevel Chisel, #1 5/8″ (16 mm)
  • Straight Gouge, #3 sweep, 7/8″ (22 mm)
  • Straight Gouge, #6 sweep, 1/2″ (12 mm)
  • Straight Gouge, #8 sweep, 11/16″ (17 mm)

Flexcut blades direct from manufacturer together with SlipStrop and Catalog

Once the order was place I received a confirmation email and I was hoping for some type of indication that I could track the package but this seemed to be unavailable. I must admit I was a little nervous as I wasn’t quite sure whether the order had been placed or not, even though I had received verification. I normally like to have some way of tracking the package rather than just wait for it to turn up.

My uneasiness was soon to be dismissed as the package was received within five working days by UPS Ground. Everything was neatly packed with plenty of styrofoam peanuts allowing for safe travel. In addition, a full line catalog, just what I need to entice me to buy more product!

Flexcut quick connect handle and blades.

Overall the experience was very rewarding after the initial hesitation and I would certainly purchase from them again. The difference between purchasing direct or from your local woodworking specialist is, you are pretty much guaranteed the items being in stock, whereas if your local woodworking store is out of stock they have to order direct anyway. Many may argue that you are affecting your local guys by not supporting them but the general stuff is always purchased at their store because of the convenience, so in this case direct is the way to go. Now all I need to do is try them out!!!!

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