Planning For New Year, 2007

As we stare 2006 in the face, now is the time to reflect and contemplate what changes will make a difference for the coming year, 2007.

For me 2006 has been one of the busiest years that I can remember for a long time. My involvement in the automotive industry as Sculpting Manager has left little free time this year to fully immerse myself into my hobby of carving Welsh Lovespoons so the output has been significantly down, even the partially carved spoons that I have spoken about languish in the garage craving for attention. So, in an effort to bring a perspective to this coming year end, what is the plan for the New Year.

I tend to plan BIG, but then I remember I have two children under the age of five which instantly deflates the grandeur of the scheme leaving me with a few scrapes of an idea that I would like to accomplish, therefore let’s plot it out for all to see.

  • Let’s be realistic, I have to set goals that are in the scope of achieving with a family that demands attention.
  • Reflect, determine what posts or information over the past year worked and has been useful and continue to produce the same quality over the coming year.
  • Be specific, make sure to cover all the necessary details so that my readers are left with no gray areas in the event that they wish to try the procedure themselves.
  • Develop the ideas, plan well in advance to achieve the end result, remembering that family time IS the most important time.
  • Time and money, allow adequate time to achieve a quality post even if it means, delayed publication. The facts should be true and uncompromised. If there is an end product, make sure that the necessary funds are available to purchase the goods before jumping in.
  • Prioritize, with my writing of Resurrecting the Wood, Metamorphosis and my website Clay, Application to Refinement I have to decide when and where the priority lies. Each one has its own importance, with readers who deserve the best quality information at regular intervals.
  • The action plan, with all my bulletin points listed I will have to be more scheduled in time management to be able to achieve a fraction of my expectations. It is easy to talk about the end result but when there is a physical property to output then the time frame is that much more critical. If possible, plan out the month in advance then there will be no hidden agenda that may hamper the outcome.

Well there you have it, some semblance of a plan for 2007 and something that I can work to, to increase output for the coming year. Hope your plan is ironed out too, ready for the onslaught of the New Year.

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