Detailed Play Systems come up Big

In my previous post on my series of constructing the Jungle Fort I spoke about the discrepancy with the slide that was ordered with the main hardware back in April of this year. It was only when I started to assemble the slide that it dawned on me that the slide was in fact different to the one that we ordered. With that knowledge I emailed the company Detailed Play Systems together with images of the slide together with the original order email from April 21st 2007, the email I sent was dated September 18th 2007, nearly five months after the fact.

I didn’t think too much about the difference in the price of the two slides some $100.00 because the time lapse has been so long but I still would check my emails daily just incase. To my surprise I find this reply in my inbox today September 21st 2007.

We’ve credited your card acct in amt of $100.00 please accept our apology for the
discrepancy thank you for your understanding and for your business.”

Now that’s what I call service, not only is the quality of the parts first rate but there was never any questioning about the time lapse just a straight payment of the difference. If I had been more attentive in the first place I would have caught it sooner but even so the issue was resolved in less than three whole days.

So there you have it, another satisfied customer who will no doubt give a double thumbs up when speaking to friends and relatives about the swingset and the good customer service from Detail Play Systems.

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