The Traditional Welsh Lovespoon has Sold

After some eighteen months I decided to try my luck again and sell the Welsh Lovespoon that I had made on eBay. The previous two or three attempts had resulted in a no sale but then again I had placed a reserve or too high a price to start with but I was hoping to get a little return for the amount of effort that I had placed into the carving. This particular spoon had taken me about four weeks of my lunch hour to complete, some 28 to 30 hours in total time, I would guess. It was a theme that I had designed around the Welsh dragon, the Welsh language and a Celtic cross, a theme that I had seen in seperate carvings on other sites. My goal was to incorporate all three items into one carving and see how it would turn out.

Looking back, it’s still probably the most intricate of all my carvings to date because of the lettering and the detailing of the dragon. This carving was also the biggest to date, some fourteen inches in length. I felt after completing the carving it gave a good representation of a Lovespoon that you would expect to purchase from Wales if you were to go there for a visit.

For this type of carving there are a many other symbols that could be used to represent the Welsh Lovespoon Heritage but using the ones that I had, had kept this lovespoon from being too busy. While carving I had already come up with other ideas that I would use and this is something that I will pursue in a much larger carving at a later date.

Details of the dragon carved on the Welsh Lovespoon.

I had placed this item in a self made webpage for a seven day auction to give it as good a chance as any. I could also host my own images so as to give a potential buyer a good overview of the item they would be bidding on. My main sticking point was, what price should I have in place as a first bid?

The Welsh Lovespoon as presented on eBay.

I didn’t want to start too low for fear of selling at a ridiculous low price but there again too high would eliminate a lot of potential buyers. I know from my own experience that I’m always looking for a bargain and my selling this Lovespoon was no exception. I decided that I would set the price at $49.99, a price that would at least give me a minimal return for a hand carved piece.

I had noted on an earlier auction that an antique spoon had been placed up for sale and had reached over $127.00 but did not sell as the reserve had not been met so in anticipation of this I had high hopes especially as the spoon I was selling was bigger and much more ornate.

Once I had placed it live on the auction block I was getting plenty of viewers with three placing the item as watchers. It was only on the last day that I actually had a bid and with there being three watchers I was hoping for a frenzy towards the end but unfortunately this did not unfold. My Welsh Lovespoon was sold for the starting bid of $49.99 to a lady from Illinois. Though a little disappointed with the end result I’m not surprised, after all eBay is a place for bargains, maybe next time I will hit it big.

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