Having Faith in Your Carving Ability

Mahogany Lovespoon representing Love and Faith

Over the past few weeks I have been busy working on establishing some new themes for my carvings but I have also been researching other people websites. My conclusion was that I found many Lovespoon carvings would follow a similiar theme regardless of where you look on the World Wide Web and I have looked at many websites for inspiration but I find many to be repeats of the same but with different levels of carving ability.

There are many that are only carved or have relief on the front face with the back face flat or only have the corners taken off to give some dimension. These Lovespoons I felt would look often mass produced but the prices are so reasonable that it would be very easy for the enthusiast to start a collection but is this a course that I would want to take.

Close-up of the cross set within the heart

For me to try and establish myself as a carver of some sort, especially with Welsh Lovespoons most of the carvings that I make end up on eBay for auction and it is there that I try to gauge the feeling of how the design is perceived.

The amount of traffic or should I say small amount of traffic for this sort of carving is primarily from enthusiasts who are looking for a bargain and will frequently stop by. If the design is a success I would find six to eight watchers over the course of the auction and maybe six to eight bids at the end of the day, giving me a good sense of achievement. I like to think it is the quality of the carving and the unique design that sells the item and not purely the price but as we all know eBay is the site for bargains.

When I first started this type of carving I decided that both sides would have to have the same amount of detail so that the Lovespoon could be handled and not just be displayed on a board. It is only when it is handled that the true appreciation for the craftsmanship can be determined and the fact that it is hand carved, saying that it also brings the flaws closer to hand.

To determine the themes I have tried to align them with special holidays or occasions during the year such as Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and so on, that way I can focus on those particular elements that are relevant and meaningful.

The big question is, would it be worthwhile to establish a standalone website with Lovespoons displayed so as to sell them as commissioned pieces or just continue on as a hobby. Everyone has dreams of being successful at something they enjoy but when it becomes a job the romance begins to fade and maybe it’s not as much fun anymore. These questions always arise when job security becomes questionable and you start romancing on ways of earning a living and in todays climate that is an even bigger factor than ever before. I know it’s not a practical solution but it’s important to have some sort of goal, it’s the only way to remain positive and be truly independent or as close as.

Close-up of Heart and Cross

Close-up of Celtic Knotwork

Well that’s something to contemplate but not for too long, as carving for a hobby is the only option for me right now. Maybe in later years there will be more time to pursue the dream rather than just having one hour a day but then again, who knows what tomorrow may bring.

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