Fireworks at Big Bear Lake

Staying up in Big Bear on the 4th July provided some reprieve from the fireworks that we usually get at our home. We traveled there soon after the Huntington Beach Parade, taking all backpacking gear, the dogs and our tired feet. Thankfully all the packing had been done previously, all we hoped for was a clear run without any drama on the freeway.

On the 4th it can be, to say the least, busy but to our astonishment it was an easy drive taking only a couple of hours to get there. Many of the travelers had already reach their destination leaving us late revelers a peaceful drive.

We had not eaten since breakfast and our host graciously had gone all out to provide us with an amazing meal, which set us up nicely for the forthcoming firework display on Big Bear lake. We were not to be disappointed, boats covered the lake in anticipation, glowing in various colors in the pitch black surroundings. A small whoosh followed by a few pops indicated the start of the display before an eruption of color rivaling the Disneyland spectacle, growing in size until the grand finale, lasting for a full half an hour from 9 pm to 9:30 pm. The beauty of the fireworks here is, once it’s finished that’s it. At the beach it continues for weeks after, fraying the nerves of the dogs causing major anxiety. We needed to gain some sleep that night as Sunday was a big day, driving the U.S. Route 395 to Bishop to pick-up the wilderness permit.

A fine breakfast in the morning after a restful nights sleep provided the energy needed for the forthcoming long day. I was amazed at how well I slept, far better than at my own home, it must be a combination of altitude and clean air. I’m told I always sleep better at higher altitude, I better make a mental note of that for the future.

All persons and dogs are accounted for and we says our farewells and thanks for the generosity given to us and we are on our way. The five hour drive is in front of us to pickup the permit if traffic permits. Several gas stops and dog breaks will hopefully see us there by 4 pm and then to find an overnight campsite before the big hike on Monday 6th July.

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