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Base Camp Big Pine Lakes

The drive to Bishop was uneventful, the same drive we do each year, the same scenery but just a little dryer. We had finally got away from Big Bear by 10:00 am. The traffic was flowing nicely with none of the congestion that we normally encounter, most likely from people still nursing hangovers or eating breakfast from the previous nights celebrations. We had taken the back route from Big Bear, taking California State Route 18 through the Lucerne Valley on to Apple Valley, through Victorville and dog legged over to U.S. Highway 395.

The day had started off with clear blue skies with a little wispy cloud but as we traveled northwards the cloud was generally thickening up. Over the Sierra Nevada the thick cloud was evident, there was little or no sign of snow pack, long gone from the continuous melt from the record dry seasons, from the previous four years. Watching the cloud build, we were all wondering at what level the alpine lakes would be and would the fishing be of the same quality that we had become accustomed to.

The U.S. Highway 395 had been upgraded with new asphalt and widened by a lane, this had been an ongoing operation the last time we had traveled this way and thankfully it was all complete, making for a smooth ride. The temperature was in the low 90’s about ten degrees less than normal but another welcoming break, giving the air conditioning a chance to do its job. The dogs were relaxed, Murphy was an old hand at this type of travel and Rosie, this was totally new to her, alternated between the floor of the truck and the rear bench seat. Continue reading Base Camp Big Pine Lakes