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Anxiety Over Dated Code

Too much to do and little time to do it, seems to be my everyday existence. The kids are growing, so is the amount of traffic and projects are mounting up at an alarming rate. The blog has taken a back seat and so has my clay modeling website but I will have to try and get some of it done. I had noticed that all the posts had disappeared, I was at an impasse, what had happened. I at first could not work out what had gone wrong, and knowing I was running out of date WordPress script with an outdated theme didn’t help.

My first job was to update to the latest code and theme to see if this would resolve the problem, still no luck, did I install the code properly had I missed some of the script? OK, uninstall and redo, still no luck. This is where I have to start searching the internet and the WordPress forum to find out if other people were having the same issue.
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